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Gunnison History Tracker
Sargent School House
Sargent, Colorado
The first school in Sargents was held in a cabin north of the railroad tracks from 1881-1883. Gunnison County allotted money to the Sargents School to partially pay expenses for the teacher. Prior to that, the parents assumed the financial burden for the school. The original school building was built in 1881 and was of frame construction. In 1924, the schoolhouse burned down. It was replaced by a brick structure, which is still standing. Not only was school held, but the building was used for dances, plays, and general get-togethers. In 1936, the school was a two-teacher school for 12 grades. Gunnison School District assumed jurisdiction over the Sargents School from Saguache County School District in 1958 and it was finally closed in 1966 when students were bused into Gunnison. The building is owned by the Upper Tomichi Historical and Community Association. It is used as a community center and is on the State Historical Register.