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Gunnison History Tracker
Rimrock School
In 1917, Rufus Berry donated land for a school at the foot of Fitzpatrick Mesa in western Gunnison County, approximately five miles east of Cimarron. A log school building was apparently built shortly after the land donation. It was called the Temporary school, but it acquired the nickname of "Tipperary," due to the popular song of World War I. The existing wood frame building was erected circa 1920 replacing the log structure.

On a site overlooking meadows, fenced to keep cattle out, this schoolhouse included a stage (now gone), an entry porch, a cloakroom, a merry-go-round, and two outhouses. Built with a hip roof, double-hung windows, shiplap siding and reflecting a kinship to the residential style of the day, this school represents the pride the community had in this building. Locals say it was also called the Red Top School.

This schoolhouse was used from approximately 1922 until 1946. In 1958, Gunnison ceded the Rimrock School District to Montrose County. It then continued to be used as a community center until about 1997. In 2000, the Montrose County School District sold the Rimrock School to John and Eileen Kaser. In that same year, the Rimrock School was placed on the Colorado State Historic Register. The Kasers have obtained grants to restore this schoolhouse.