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Gunnison History Tracker
Parlin Schoolhouse
Parlin, a small community twelve miles east of Gunnison, was named for pioneer rancher John T. Parlin. Organized in 1881, the district served the children from the neighboring ranches on Tomichi and Quartz Creeks. The original schoolhouse was built on Quartz Creek with logs. However, there was a disagreement about where it should be located to best serve the population. Somebody decided it should be 2 ½ miles east, and moved the building in the dark of night. Later, the school was returned to its original site. The second schoolhouse was completed in January 1919. Classes have not been held there since 1953, and the building was used for a short time as a community center and later converted into a residence. The owners were Matt and Marian Deering, who then sold to Earl and Lulu Glaze. As of 2008, it is still in the Glaze family.