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Gunnison History Tracker
Paragon School House
Gunnison Pioneer Museum
In 1889, the legal voters and board members of District 22 met for the purpose of building and furnishing a schoolhouse. The contract for the building was given to J. H. Philips who agreed to construct it for $307.50. This first log school opened in 1890. In 1900 the school board decided to engage someone to draw up plans for a new schoolhouse. John B. Outcalt presented some rough sketches and contracted to have the new school built. At a board meeting in October of 1905, the voters of the region decided to proceed with plans to build the new school, which would not be an ordinary one, but “a school that was a paragon” of education. The unique and stylish new Paragon School building opened in 1906 (?) and was in use until 1948. At that time, students were sent by bus to Gunnison. From 1948 until 1967, the building was used by the Hoof and Horn 4-H Club as a meeting place. In 1967, the school board of Gunnison RE1J, who had been discussing the possibility of selling the school and property, voted to give the school to the Gunnison County Pioneer and Historical Society. It was then moved from 6 miles northeast of Gunnison near Colorado Highway 135 to the Pioneer Museum, at the east entrance to Gunnison on Highway 50. 

The old log building, when it was no longer needed for a schoolhouse, was sold to Mr. Trampe for fifty dollars. It was moved to his ranch and used as a home until his own home was built. A photo of the log school house appears in Sammons’ book on page 23.