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Gunnison History Tracker
Ohio City Schoolhouse
During the early years of Ohio City, school was held for three months during the summer and three months during the winter. Children living up the gulch of Gold Creek could only attend during the summer as the snows were too deep. The first school was held in a log house and in 1895/96 school was held in the section house at Ohio City. The present school house was built in 1897 and was in continuous use until the 1945/46 term when the children were taken by bus to Gunnison. From that time until 1961, the children were taught by Margaret Flick. After consolidation of the rural schools, Mrs. Flick obtained the lease on the school house, using it as a museum. In April of 1988, the school board sold the building and land to the Quartz Creek Improvement Assn. and it has been used for winter and spring meetings.
Address: 115 Miners Avenue Ohio City
Legal: Lots 26/27 Block A Stephensons Addition
Current Use: Community Center/Tourist site
Contact: Quartz Creek Improvement Assn.
Designated: May 4, 2004