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Gunnison History Tracker
Denver, South Park, & Pacific "Great Wall"
Even though this Palisade was never completed, it still is an amazing structure and represents the end of an era for the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad who dreamed of building a railway over Ohio Pass down to the North Fork of the Gunnison River and on to California.This Palisade was built by Italian Stone Masons brought over specifically for this job from Italy as masons from this country were not capable of doing the work. This Palisade is almost impossible to see from the Ohio Pass Road even though it is close to the road.  An interpretive sign has been placed at this site.
Location: 23 miles N of Gunnison, Ohio Creek Pass
 Legal: E2, Sec23, T14S, R87W, 6th PM
 Current Use: Tourist Site
 Contact: USFS
 Designated: January 6, 1998