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Gunnison History Tracker
Doyleville Schoolhouse
Gunnison Pioneer Museum
The Doyleville School District was organized in 1881. The first school was a one-room white frame building built in 1881on Doyle Lane near Tomichi Creek. The term ran from April to September, but the teacher rang a cowbell to call students to class as they had no regular school bell. Mostly the pupils walked or rode on horseback to classes. The old school building was sold to a William Johnson who tore it down and used the lumber to build a three-room house. The new school was built about 1920, with a room partitioned off for the teacher’s residence. On June 16, 1966, the Doyleville School was closed, per school board records. It was used for community functions until 2003, when the school was donated and moved to the Pioneer Museum grounds in Gunnison, where it has undergone restoration.