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Gunnison History Tracker
101 North 8th Street
8th Street School

Address is: 101 North 8th Street, Gunnison
 Legal Address:
 Current Use: 
 Contact: Gunnison County
 Date Designated: April 2008
The first school classes from 1876 to 1880 were taught in private homes, a drug store, and a church. In 1879, the first school board was selected. The first real schoolhouse was a brick building on the corner of Eighth and Tomichi in West Gunnison, which is still standing. The wooden plaque over the door says “1881,” perhaps for the year the school district was formed. In April 2008, the 8th Street School was added to the Gunnison County Historic Register.

School was later discontinued in this building and moved into the new one on Pine Street.