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Gunnison History Tracker
412 Elk Avenue
Crested Butte Dental
This dwelling appears on the 1890 Sanborn map.  By1893, the dwelling had a front porch and a projection on the rear. In1904, the dwelling also had a porch at the south-east corner.
This was the home of Joseph Block, who operated a business in Irwin before moving to Crested Butte, where he became cashier of the Bank of Crested Butte and also served as a county commissioner,  The house was later owned by Angelina Tomsic Oberosler.  She was born in Valdez, New Mexico, in1 903 to Joseph and Amelia Tomsic,  Her father was a coal miner.
When her father joined the United Mine Workers strike in 1913-1914, the family was evicted from its company house and spent the winter in a tent near Segundo, Colorado.  Her husband, Dan, worked as a miner and ranched,  Mrs. Oberosler was a homemaker who won many awards for baking at the New Mexico State Fair.  After residing in this house for many years,  Mrs. Oberosler moved to a new house on Sopris Avenue erected by her son.  The current owner of the building is Don Brown, DDS, who is unfamiliar with the history of the building. Before he moved his dentil office here,  The building housed a gallery
and real estate office.