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Gunnison History Tracker
407 4th Street also
330 Elk Avenue
Donita's Cantina
Kay Peterson
Elk Mountain House
   A year and a half to build, and opening for customers December of 1881, the Elk Mountain House was considered the most luxurious on Colorado's Western Slope, until the La Veta Hotel was finished in Gunnison. It was also the largest building in Crested Butte.
   The first floor had a lobby, office, a 34x36-foot dining room, bar, gambling room, and a 20x24-foot modern kitchen.  The copper boiler water heater was said to shine like a mirror.
   A staircase led to the ladies reception room, which connected to the 20x24-foot grand parlor.
   There were three bath tubs, with hot and cold running water, and rooms went for $2.50-$3.00 each.  Fire claimed the upper two floors in 1927.  The fire was thought to be set as a distraction, when on the same night, dill holes were found in the Company Store safe, but some locals say the robbers were run off from all the noise of the fire.  A roof was re-built over the first floor, with plans to re-build the second and third floors at a later date, but never happened, so in 1938, the upper floors were demolished.
   Later, the county took the building in due of un-paid taxes, and became the Gunnison County Shops in 1960, for seventeen years.
The Way Station
Margaret Dunlap
Tom McNeill's Barbershop
Elk Mountain House
Daily Dose
Unit C
Gretchen Wasinger
Mountain Earth Whole Food Grocer