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229 North Main Street
Milo Matteson Gunnison Hotel
Shilling and Company

​Milo Matteson
   The Webster Building has been a Gunnison landmark since its construction in 1882. The three-story structure is the focal point of Gunnison's Main Street. It is one of three remaining commercial buildings in the downtown district which has retained its historical integrity. A center of commercial enterprise for one hundred years, the building has served as an important commercial establishment in the history of the town.
    When built, the Webster Building was, by Gunnison's standards, elaborate and grand. Constructed by Milo Matteson for use as a retail store, the building was described in the Gunnison Daily Review Herald on August 22, 1882: "Matteson's three story brick building is ready for the galvanized iron cornice. It will be one of the finest looking buildings in town and the most substantially built." One of the first permanent masonry commercial structures built downtown, the store, operated under the name Shilling and Company, opened to a booming Gunnison ripe for retail sales. The town was recently served by the Barlow and Sanderson Stage and Freight Line and the opening of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in August of 1881. Matteson came to Gunnison from Chicago. He operated another retail store in Gunnison from 1880. He contracted for the construction of the building in January of 1882 and occupied the finished structure August 1, 1882.
    Located in one of Gunnison's highest buildings, Shilling and Company became Gunnison's most outstanding dry goods establishments. Matteson sold the building and business in 1889 to Herman Webster who ran the business in the building until his death in 1920. Webster had come to town from Vermont to run a rival dry goods store.  Successful in his new enterprise, soon the building and the entire block took on the "Webster" name. Webster was influential in local politics, was councilman, and mayor of Gunnison. He also served as a director of the First National Bank.
    The first floor of the Webster Building has been in continuous use as retail space since the building was constructed. The second floor, originally living space for the proprietors and a warehouse, has been converted to hotel rooms. The third floor was used originally as a social hall. Oddfellows and Masons met in the space and numerous theatrical events and specials were held on the premises.
Priscilla Spencer Jones - Tin pot Annie's and it was owned by Dick Dudley and Leroy klinholtz. The sweet shop was next to the 1st national bank and the Adams family owned it.
Mike Phelps - The best hot chocolate I ever had in my life was Easter weekend of 1956. We were trailing cattle home from Doylville and I was cold to the bone, when we got through town Fred Wilson (Johnny's grand dad) gave my horse to my uncle and took me to the sweet shop, I never forgot it.
Gunnison Hotel


Herman Webster Milo Matteson Gunnison Hotel
Shilling and Company

 Herman Webster
Tin Pot Annie'sl
Shilling and Company

​Milo Matteson
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