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Gunnison History Tracker
229 Elk Avenue
Grubstake Saloon & Restaurant
Mark Walter

The Grubstake Building

   Built after the fire of 1890 burned the whole block, and was initially three separate buildings.  One of the buildings was the Bank of Crested Butte, which opened in 1880, and failed in 1931, located on the far east corner.
   Joe Block's Meat Market was located in the middle building, and a drugstore was on the west side of the building, before they burned.
   Then the drugstore moved to the middle building when the building was re-built.  Other uses of these buildings were as a post office and mortuary.
   In 1931, the three buildings were given one common roof, and in 1958, Lil and Phil Hyslop bought all three sections and converted them into one restaurant known as the Grubstake.
   Joe Block's Meat Market was located in the middle building.