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Gunnison History Tracker
218 Elk Avenue
Princess Theatre 
The Princess Western Design Company
2007 - Present
What was the first movie that you watched at the Crested Butte Princess Theatre?
In Crested Butte, Colorado.
Marie McHale Drake - We used to bring our sleeping bags and settle down on the floor not too far from the stove for some heat. Passed around giant bags of homemade popcorn. We watched Fantasia that way back in '72. The adults were all under the influence of something that night and giggling more than the kids if I remember correctly.
Russ Lallier - I remember Tommy V letting lose a full bag of flour in the theatre at Rocky Horror Picture Show, Steve was not happy!!!
Susan Sparks - Gosh! Can't remember ... Watched the Talking Heads Stop making Sense and Glazer came dancing down the aisle in a huge suit. They even showed porn and would turn off the sound and the audience would make up the lines. Ha! Great times!
Andrew Lypps - The first one that I ran projector solo for,  was the toxic avenger.
Bryan Barrett - It was Snowball Express. I show up on several scenes. It was pretty cool. I can say that Disney was my first job! Think I got paid $56.
Steve Glazer - Steve owned and operated the Princess Theatre from 1970-198?, then converted the Princess to a Ballroom, where such acts as Buddy Guy and Marcia Ball.
Robert Mark Kamen - Robert is seen here in front of the Princess Theatre.  Robert lived in Crested Butte and was the Screenwriter for "The Karate Kid", and many other films.
Built in 1905, this building was the Colorado Supply Store until the 1920's.  The stone walls are from when the Colorado Supply Store was at this location.

It was Joe Faussone, from Marble, Colorado, who then converted the building into a movie theatre, the Princess Theatre, one of the largest theatre chains on the western slope at that time.

In 1922, Faussone sold the theatre to Ben and Lawrence Snyder, who in 1932, installed sound equipment and new projectors.

The Snyders then sold the theatre to Adolph Fisher, who ran the theatre until 1950, when he sold it to Rudy Sedmak and Martin Verzuh, who ran the theatre until 1962, when Jack Johnston of Oklahoma City then bought the Princess.

In 1970, the last theatre owner took over, Steve Glazer.  In 1971, Steve installed the first bathroom facilities, and a new heating system.