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Gunnison History Tracker
12320 U.S. Highway 50
Ruland Jr. High School
In 1880, school board members were responsible for building the school on Pine Street, which housed the Junior High School until 1939. The Junior High then moved into the south end of the High School. The School Board minutes of Dec. 1962 state, “the present Gunnison H.S. building will become a junior high school building at Gunnison’s eastern city limits and will be named after Grant Ruland.” Its location was north of Tomichi between Loveland and Adams. The last year for classes in Ruland Junior High School was 1997, when it was closed and later demolished. The site is now an open space athletic field and park. The present 7th & 8th grades are now at the Gunnison Community School on 11th Street.

History of the name: Grant Ruland’s entire life was devoted to education and teacher training. He was superintendent of Gunnison Public Schools 1910-1925, directed teacher training and placement at WSC 1925-28, and was called back from retirement in that capacity during WWII. He served as president of Colorado Education Association, its western division president, and a member of the board for 19 years.