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Gunnison History Tracker
108 Maroon Avenue
St. Patrick's Church
The 40' bell tower does not appear on the 1898 map, but is on the 1904 Sanborn map

By 1930's, St. Patrick's served between six to seven hundred Catholics, until 1962, when a new church was built at 400 Sopris Avenue.  The church pews were moved to the Union Congregational Church, and the alter was moved to the Chapel at the Cemetery.

After Crested Butte was founded, Catholics rented the Town Hall for their services. The church was founded in 1883. This building was erected about 1890.  At that time most Catholics in Crested Butte were Scottish and Irish, but within a few years mast Catholics in the town were from southern and eastern Europe. During the late nineteenth century, about 90 percent of the town was Catholic according to one newspaper article. Thechurchbecameaparishin1920andhadafull
time priest. Inthe1930s, there were 600-700 persons in the parish and it was one of the region's largest churches,
play in gam a or role in the community. After the Big Mine closed in 1952, the decline in population of the town and
falling membership in the parish and resulted in a priest from Gunnison coming to serve Crested Butte.  In 1960 61, Catholics built the Queen of All Saints Church. St. Patrick's was last used as a church in1967.

1961- Rear two story addition; chimney on east removed